Lakshmi Villas was a landlord house (Pannaiyar Veedu) built with a two compartment tiled house and a separate bungalow. It also had a separate big cattle shelter.

It was surrounded with coconut trees, lemon, sapota and mango trees. The entire bungalow with landscape was spread over 4.5 acres.

It’s a private property and must have been built in the 1850’s. The bungalow which currently holds the reception and the restaurant was modernised in the year of 1943.

The domestic quarters and the cattle shelter were demolished and new rooms were constructed in the year of 2009.


The temple is said to have been founded originally in about 1855 by one Murugaesan Pillai and managed by him during his life time. He was succeeded by his son Arunachalam Pillai and after him his son Ambalavana Pillai managed the affairs of the temple. The pooja etc., expenses of the temple have all alone been met from the family funds.

Ambalana Pillai had no son. His only daughter Sowbaghyam was married to one Murugaesan Pillai.

Ambalavana Pillai left a will on 12-02-1894 in which he described the said Murugaesan Pillai as his foster-son and constituted him the trustee of the temple.

This Murugaesan Pillai accordingly continued in the management till 1909 when he also made a will dated 17-05-1909.

He also stated that he had no male issue for the management of the temple, he appointed his brother’s son Muthukumara Pillai, as trustee. The latter continued as such till October 1929 and when he died was succeeded by Shree Ramalingam Pillai (19-10-1974), who is the grandfather of the present trustees.

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